Your business consulting partner

What makes us different is a unique set of expertise

Our consultants are decisive in scoping, launching and implementing  clients’ projects.
Partner of financial institutions, we support our clients in their business and organizational issues.

Subsidiary of MAINSYS, TSD Consulting will respond to a real need :

  • Be business oriented (even linked to IT projects) & not only focused on IT
  • Be a key partner of the bank since the early stage of a project, not only when an IT solution is defined
  • Advise the bank regarding IT solutions with total objectivity and independency from any software provider including Mainsys

Our strengths and added values


  • Work with the client as a team
  • Advise when necessary
  • Clear and simple reports
  • Clear objectives
  • Think a step forward
  • Understand and adapt  to Client structure & strategy
  • Commit on scope and phase if necessary
  • Tactical Solutions
  • Getting out of the “ivory tour”

Non nonsense

  • Follow KISS Principle
  • Commit on realistic goals
  • Not all at any price
  • Able to say No to avoid nonsense situation
  • Quality focus
  • Realistic deadline
  • Know what not to do

Business experts

  • Capitalize on experience
  • Proposal Strength
  • Deep knowledge
  • Rigorous
  • Understand Business expectations

Sensitive to IT constraints

  • Anticipate Impacts
  • Interface between Business and IT
  • Connected to reality
  • IT market knowledge
  • Realistic implementation plans and Business Cases

Our commitment

  • We share the same team spirit, friendliness and commitment to excellence.
  • Committed and accountable for deliveries of quality
  • Tangible Results
  • Commit on realistic, clear and shared deadlines
  • Natural leadership
  • Sensitive & aware of strict budget & costs constrains